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Buy Arowana Fish Online

Welcome, you can buy arowana fish online for your fish tanks.

All our arowanas are tagged with PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) and each has a certificate of warranty issued by Arowana For Sale. We sell only arowanas which we breed ourselves. We do not buy or import from other traders or farms to resell or export. Therefore, our arowanas’ grades are authentic and quality true.

Buying an Arowana for the first time can be both exciting and yet overwhelming for the new hobbyists, as they are presented with a wealth of choices. As one’s experience, knowledge and expectations grows, factors like an Arowanas potential and bloodline comes into consideration. Buy arowana fish online

Enjoy the hobby and the pride that comes with owning the legendary Dragon Fish!

Why You Have to Buy From Us

  1. We have Legit Arowana, Micro-chipped and Vet checked. Very Healthy Fish. All our Arowana fish comes with Authentication Certificates
  2. Price. All our prices are customer loving as we do not focus on the money but we want to have the best and most favorable homes for these aqua babies ‘Arowana’.
  3. Delivery. We have very reliable and fast shipping. Fast Mode shipping Available.

Things to consider

  1. Size. It is recommended to purchase juvenile Arowanas that are around 15-20cm (6-9 inches), as this is the best size to groom your Arowana. Of course you can purchase adult fishes if it fits your taste and budget.
  2. Active and Alert. Our Arowanas are actively swimming, full of vitality, and more responsive to you, as it will be less timid when it goes back to your home tank.
  3. Background Check. We have all the background history of the fish you can request this from us before purchasing, e.g when it arrives to the shop (would prefer to have settled in a few days before you buy it) and which country is it from (in case you have any preferences).
  4. Arowana Health & Condition. All our fish are Vet checked and made healthy before shipping.
  5. Diet. Check with the owner arowanaforsale.com the diet that the Arowana is being fed on (e.g. live feed or pellets). Buy arowana fish online

Arowana Health

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and one person’s definition of beauty might defer with another. Hence we are focusing on the signs of a healthy Arowana. Buy arowana fish online.